Monday, August 6, 2007

070806 - The Italian's Token Wife

Author : Julia James
Title : The Italian's Token Wife

Quite an interesting story book. The story started with the tycoon, Rafaello requires a woman to get married so that he can dis-fuse his father ultimatum to sell the whole family business away if he is not married by the age of 30. The reason his dad did that because he wanted Rafaello to marry the girl that his father chose, but Rafaello refused. Therefore, in order to enrage his dad, Rafaello vows to marry the first woman he sees, which happens to be Magda, "a single mother desperately trying to make ends meet by doing his cleaning"(quoted from Julia's book). Moreover, with his family background and status, his father will be excruciatingly angry if he bring back a woman who is already a single mother as well as working as a cleaner to support herself and the baby......

Sunday, August 5, 2007

070805 - Barbara Cartland book

Author : Barbara Cartland
Title : Flowers for the God of Love

This book was brought back by my sister. Apparently there was a sale in 3K for all types of books. She managed to grab a few books and this is one of it. I have always love Barbara Cartland's sweet and innocent romance. The story always gave me a "sweet" feeling.

This story started with the guy Rex Daviot being summoned back to England by the Queen. Therefore, from there, he met up with a good friend of his who informed him that he will be given a post as Lieutenant-Governor but he is required to be married. Rex refused this position as he has financial issue and has also vowed not to be tied down by matrimony. With this, his friend suggested to him that he has a niece who does not want to go into matrimony as well but is very rich and that Rex should marry her. Another reason being that lady who is exceptionally beautiful, requires Rex to help her out of England. This is mainly because she is terrified by a certain Prince who wanted to advantages of her. With her uncle position, to protect her is a difficult task as he will be challenged by the Prince. Since Rex requires money to take this position and the lady requires someone to take her out of England as well as to avoid the Prince challenging her uncle, they finally agrees to get married. From there, both of them started their living in India and the story progres by telling how they manage to get along and finally fall in love........

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Devil beside you - 280707

Today i started with watching "devil beside you" Taiwan drama. My god... i really love this series. both the actor and actress are fantastic. The guy is a handsome, cool, dark and dangerous, bad boy image yet super good personality whereas the girl is pretty, and the character is like normal highschool girl, day dreaming, shy, always happy, looks weak but in actual is very tough...

The story started with the girl, finally took up the courage to pass her love letter to the school's popular idol, the basketball captain. Unfortunately, the captain passed her by without noticing the letter and the letter fell on the hand of the school's super bad boy. He started to threaten her with the letter and giving the girl an ultimatum, to either became his personal assistant or for the letter to be expose to the whole school. Well..facing with such ultimatum, i guess, the girl has no choice but to follow his instruction and became his PA. The story continues from there with her seeing the bad boy actual good personality and for her feeling for that bad boy to continue to blossom from there......

One thing i like about this drama is that everybody has their own happy ending. Just a matter of whether you wanna insist to be stubborn and continue to pursue un-returnable love or would rather stop yourself and try to be alert to your own surrounding whereby love might have blossom but you choose to ignore it. I guess i am always a sucker for happy ending drama. To me, i felt that life is already a very sad journey with lots of unhappy and sad misery. Therefore, i love to indulge myself with such happy movies to brighten up my days and life.

Anyway, all in all, this is a very good drama series. Highly recommended. You must watch !!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

270707 - 2 one-shot mangas

Well. since i rented happy hustle high, i thought i might as well rent something else as well... However, due to budget constraint, i can only rent these other two books.

Both books have very different story. The only common thing they share is that both are shoujo. Book on the left has very nice character drawing. The guy is super cute and handsome. However, i noticed that the focus is on the story and the drawing of the character faces and thus neglected the minor details such as clothing. All in all, it is still worth it to read as the storyline was quite nice.

Book on the right has a much more perverted main character, being the guy is a "nipple festish" (OMG). Well... reading such story is fine... However, if there are really ppl like that who go around poking schoolmates' nipple, i will definately hate that person no matter how popular or good-looking he may be... hahaha... luckily this is only fiction..... This story depict the norm believe that a guy who treated you extremely differently may well be in love with you or interested in you. In this case, the main character goes around school poking every girls' nipple but never once has the courage to touch his best friend's nipple.

270707 - Happy Hustle High

That day, when i went to Borders, one of the manga caught my eyes, Happy Hustle High. I saw that there are totally 5 books published already but there isn't any "END" printed on the 5th book. So, i thought that this might be another long shoujo manga, i resisted myself from buying....

Today, while i was browsing through the net, feeling absolutely bored with nothing better to do, i suddenly thought of this manga... So i started my information searched in the WWW. To my surprised, the manga actually finished at book 5 & many ppl's reviews were good. Well.. me being me, got really impatient, so i started searching for the chinese name of this book in order to rent the manga from bookstores. After i found it, i went directly to the bookstores and got myself this fabulous manga. I was so excited that i began reading the manga as soon as i reached home and skipping all my meals

The manga actually depicts story of a tomboy who has no interest in any guys until she lays eyes on Gong Ming. It started with the headmaster declaring her school (which was all girl) to merge with an all boys school (girls x boys = co-ed). Since then, they are all required to attend the all boys school to start the co-ed school life.

There, she has her eyes set on one of the most popular guy of that school, Gong Ming, who happened to be the Vice President of the student council as well as an elite sportman esp. surfing. However, he hated girls and never attempt to talk to girls..the reason being he is super shy.... With that, the story concentrate on how a tomboy + super shy boy got together and how they built their relationship and etc...

An awesome manga. Love the tomboy character!! the drawing of the characters were superb as well... recommended !!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

260707 - On Leave - Wei Xiao Pasta

Today finally gotten my leave. Applied two days leave just to rest my whole body.,.. hehhe... Well... on leave to watch a few drama. Started watching wei xiao pasta. A very nice and sweet romance drama. I am sure many of you already know what the drama series is about since most of the people had already watched it... Yeah, even though i am a bit late... but like the saying goes, better late than never... hehe

However, i must admit, i prefer wang zi (prince) to be on the tall, dark and handsome category rather than the new trend of so call "Bi-shounen" guy. I would put Nicholas under those category. The whole sequence of the drama is so-so. I would say there is really not much of a super down moment or unbeatable happy moment. The whole stories focused on "fun, comedy & PG romance", very light-hearted...

For Nicholas first drama, he is showing surprisingly good acting the saying again: "never try never know". At least, now we know that he can broaden his job scopes should he wanted to venture into acting too.... well... we can only hope.. hehehe..

all in all, it is still a recommended drama... Especially Malaysian, come on,... support our own country artist...a MUST watch !!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My reading collection

Today, i finally decided to create a blog on my reading collection being my comics, romances or any other stuff that i read and keep as collection. Will always post any books or comics that i have read here.